High-class materials/low smoke zero halogen/Fire - resistant and weathering
UCen Introduction

UCen Cable has been established for nearly 30 years. It is the earliest batch of wire and cable enterprises in China since the reform and opening up. Through 30 years’ accumulation, UCen has become a professional production enterprises dedicating to research and development, production, sales and service. UCen's main products are conventional cables such as home decoration wire, bare wire, control, electric power, aerial, rubber bush, communication, concentric gallows of ships and round wire as well as additional shielding, armor, flexible, flame retardant, weathering properties of the special type of cable. A total of more than 200 products series and more than 40,000 kinds of specifications models.

UCen's products supply the national grid, military aerospace, geological exploration, railway infrastructure and other projects. And continue supplying IEC, BS, DLN and NEMA standards of products for Europe, the United States, Asia Pacific, Africa and other parts of the world. UCen cable also can design and product highly customized cable products according to customers’ demand.

In the 30 years’course of UCen, the two old words “quality and reputation" were always used as the criteria as to give up the chance of crazy misappropriating capital primitive accumulation by the inferior wires. But as a result, we have always stood and continued to grow over the 30 years.

Quality and reputation will always be our insistence.

UCen pays attention to every customer. UCen,You are my Center. Take you as the center.The customers’ demand for the cable is the order. UCen is trying to provide better service for every customer.

UCen regards itself as part of the Chinese industrial system. And know the development of enterprises is always standing in solidarity with the fate of country and nation. Therefore, developing itself and returning country is the source of UCen to grow strong. Wish we together to make an effort for the prosperity of our country.

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The main products

1.Raw materials testing

conductor billet resistance, mechanical property, Insulation aging resistance and so on.

2.Wire drawing

to exert tension on conductor billet, extending to single wire with a certain specification.

3.Stranded conductors

more than two single conductor are interwoven with regulated direction.

4.The conductor’s shape after pressed

Press cylindrical conductor into sector Ttrapezium and other shapes by mold

5.Inner Core Cabling

Insulation plastic is melted, wrapped on the outside of the conductor.

6.The combined inner core cabling

Wrap another layer of insulation on the combined conductors with insulation.

7.Steam and heat XLPE

The linear molecules of insulation material forms mesh structure under high temperature..

8.The finished product high-voltage test

Tested by several times higher voltage to ensure electric current no leaking.

9.Eccentricity Test

Double test the resistance, electric current and other rated properties of the finished cable.


Selection Suggestions
Electric water heater - 4 sqmm
Air conditioning - 6 sqmm
The electric car - 10 sqmm +
RuHuXian - 10 sqmm
Lighting cable - 1.5 sqmm
Power outlets - 2.5 sqmm
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