The brief history of ZhengZhou UCen Cable & Wire Co.,Ltd.

ZhengZhou UCen Cable & wire Co.,Ltd. is located at GongYi,which can trace back to thousands years ago.GongYi is the epitome of the Chinese nation’s development history. Countless excellent Gongyi people built their own, also belongs to the country and the nation’s cause.So the brief history of ZhengZhou UCen Cable & wire Co.,Ltd. is also the epitome of the millennium ancient city and Chinese nation’s renaissance history. This development history can be divided into three stages: embryonic stage, precipitation stage and acceleration stage.

The first period, 1983-1992, Embryonic stage:

At 1983,the founder Cao Mingxing,who was inspired by the wave of Reform and Opening-up, founded a small wire factory with several partners. Depending on a small workshop and two groups of 45 extruders,they started their cable career.The founder Cao Mingxing was responsible for technology. In the boom age of the manufacturing industry,they made 50 thousand yuan within a year.But just from that time on, Cao Mingxing make a decision

that can’t be sure whether it's right or wrong——Never make or sell fake commodities. From 80s to the Xi'an Aokai event, The cable & wire industry is full of using oil paper instead of copper wire, copper clad iron conductor, sole plastic, false sales and so on. Many peers achieved primitive capital accumulation at high speed. But the founder faced this shortcut that dealers feedback, he always unmoved and insistited on quality first and reputation first. However, not everyone thinks so in the face of high profits.

So, in 1992, more and more differences in ideas eventually led to sinicism dissolution.

The second period,1994-2008, precipitation stage:

In 1994, the predecessor of the UCen Cable & wire Co.,Ltd "DiDong telecommunication equipment factory" was founded. Depending on ten years 'technical experience and gonnd moral quality, Cao Mingxing pull through the disband time quickly. In six months, The second production base of Yu Chen was built. So many new equipment such as 36 disk frame type stranded machine, 90 type extruder, high speed knitting machine were put into use. UCen has the ability to produce 6 categories and more than 10000 type selectric cable, including power, cross-linking, control, coaxial, overhead cable and steel wire. Quality requirements and detection capabilities are also promote. A new testing laboratory was set up in the new factory and obsoleted the old testing instruments. The QJ bridge, universal tensile machine, thermal aging test box, cable section low power projector, high frequency spark machine, slicer, punching machine and high pressure chamber were re- purchased. By conducting wire core DC resistance test, insulation DC resistance test, thermal stability test, accelerated aging life test, leakage current test, dielectric loss factor test, AC voltage withstand test and partial discharge test, etc., It ensures the quality of the finished product in current, resistance, insulation, strength, weather resistance and service life.

During this period, UCen focused on cable technology. From prototype design, material selection, process matching to cable installation and craftwork improvement were formed and mastered. At this stage, UCen was certified by ISO9001 quality system and certification of environment and staff health system,and introducted wave ERP system. UCen also set up an e-commerce department and established a foreign trade company. From production process ,process management to channel expansion, UCen improve efficiency sparing no effort to lay a solid foundation for the accelerated development of the next stage.

The third period, From 2009 to the present, acceleration stage.

In 2009, the third production base was put into operation. The most advanced equipment all over the world such as 630 frame stranding machines, high-speed wire drawing machines, super high-speed tubular stranding machines, 150 extruders, 1600 cable generators, fully automatic steam crosslinking devices were introduced. Not only did it have 300 thousand Km/ years of cable capacity, but also has more than 100 series, more than 20 thousand kinds of specifications and models of shielding, armour, fire retardant, fire resistant, weatherproof special cable production capacity. At the same time, it is also an important step for the founder, Cao Mingxing, to take a broad view of the world. From the first foreign trade order at 1999, the focus of the company's business has been gradually transferred to export trade. In the production process of ACSR, AAC, UMIZR-TC90 and other cables for foreign trade, the technical accumulation of UCen erupted, UCen won the "aluminum conductor XLPE plus layer sheathed flame retardant power cable halogen (CN203179596U), PVC flexible insulation thin steel wire rope bearing soft copper control cable car navigation (CN204178776U), XLPE insulated PE sheathed cable pressure drainage (CN204178801U) and other 8 new type patent technology. Enter the 2017, In the dismal cable market, The turnover of UCen is constantly breaking through the new high. After many years of quality insistence, Under the trend of market specification, UCen is finally rewarded for quality insistence during so many years. For 30 years, the cable and wire produced according to the GB and JB standards has appeared in the Jiuquan satellite launch center, the transmission line, the high speed railway, the urban lighting and so many families’ warm home. The cable wires produced according to the standards of IEC, BS, DLN and NEMA appear in the power grid projects of more than 60 countries, such as the US, Russia, Mongolia, Korea, Finland, Iran and Kenya. In the past 30 years, UCen has been awarded Henan famous trademark, military material procurement mobilization supplier, China Railway material supply access, state grid access, technological innovation ,excellent enterprises and so many honorary qualifications such as “Honor the title of contract and reputation”, “credit enterprise”, “ excellent enterprise ”and so on. Recognition from all walks of life, users and partners, Let UCen has more power, more confidence, and more eager to grow.

The opportunities and development of enterprises and individuals have always stood in solidarity with the fate of country and nation. As part of Chinese industrial system, UCen Cable will create value for self, and contribute a humble effort for our country, nation and society by the flourishing development of China.

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