Bringing cool in hot summer, solidly alleviating poverty and warming people's hearts


On the Way to Poverty Alleviation Families

On August 1, 2018, Cao Yan, vice-mayor of Xicun Town, Kang Honglong, director of Xicun Town Tax Source Office, and other leaders led Cao Gaofeng, general manager of Zhengzhou Yuchen Cable and Wire Co., Ltd., to the poor families in Shandong Village to help them alleviate poverty. They brought daily necessities and comforts to the poor families, helped them repair and improve their houses and courtyards, and sent them to the hot weather. After a cool spell, the helpers expressed their gratitude to the town leaders and Yuchen Cable Company for their concern.

Inventory of poverty alleviation materials

Visiting Poverty Alleviation Families

The courtyard was renovated and improved.

Ai Xin Pair Aid Points

Visiting Poverty Alleviation Families

Come to poverty-alleviating families and give them cordial greetings

Poverty relief materials

Visiting Poverty Alleviation Families